My First Instameet



Yesterday, charity:water celebrated its 8th birthday. To mark the occasion, the volunteer team staged Instameets in Central Park and Seattle. An Instameet is a group of Instagram users getting together to photograph a theme, a place, or an event. It’s a great way to publish organic content on the platform.

I was curious about who I would meet, so I took out my camera, hopped on my bike, and set off for Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. That’s where I snapped the photo you see above of a woman named Julie.

Julie’s one of the volunteers who met up. We had a lot of fun. The experience reminded me of my experience in Buenos Aires with fotoruta. It’s really important to have a good guide who can spot great light, great subjects, and offer tips to enhance the shoot. I think I’d like to become one of those guides. It’s a good goal for my photography.


The World Is Watching

I shot this last winter on the one day in all of February when the sun broke through the clouds. I found this shot today after David Charles and I chatted about the opening of the third spur of The High Line. This was painted onto a side a building shortly after the second spur of The High Line opened three years ago.

The placement of the windows in this shot makes me think they are eyes. Hence the name, “The World Is Watching.”


The View From Clermont

Mat and I took a hike to Clermont this morning. The mansion on the Hudson River is named for the clear mountains in the distance. The blue skies and green mountains made for a great landscape.