In Celebration Of Beautiful Indian Newspaper Design

Mat and I traveled to India several years ago. One of the many things that has stayed with us is the vibrant media, a legacy of English rule. Few other developing nations have such an active national conversation. And it’s still taking place in print!

So, when I saw these Indian newspaper nameplates, I just had to share. The mix of colors and cursives are so striking. It suggests that there’s so much more we can be doing to refresh the printed word here in the States. I’m sure the writers out there probably agree.

On the flip side, there’s so much more we can also do with interactive design to make news on a mobile device seem fresh and captivating. The days of the infinite feed without a masthead will come to an end soon, right?

Check them out:

Immerse yourself in this great collection of Indian newspaper nameplates

via It’s Nice That

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