If You Don’t Get Into Trouble, You Won’t Get Yourself Out Of It

A couple of years back, my better half, Mat Zucker, invested a lot of time and energy in a passion project. In the race to restructure agency business models and value propositions, we’ve lost sight of one of the reasons younger generations enter the advertising industry: mentorship. The Hindsight Project is an attempt to capture insights from industry leaders, and package them in a format younger audiences find useful: digital video.

The project garnered a good deal of participation, although some videos were left on the cutting room floor just a little too long. This gem from Michael Ventura at SubRosa has finally made it out of production:

The piece is a great meditation on the word “trouble.” The word trouble often has negative connotations. In fact, it can be a signal to take a risk. A risk can lead to failure, but it can also lead to growth. Which is what we all want during the early years of our career. And beyond.

Check out the rest of the videos when you have a chance. There are some nice clips.

via The Hindsight Project

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