The Internet Slows Down On September 10th

It’s happened before. Your cable company sends out a patch for your modem. It brings your network to a grinding halt. Until you unplug the whole network and reset it. Then, you’re back up and running at full speed.

Well, what if there was no reset? What if your favorite sites and services ran at slower speed simply because they didn’t pay arbitrary fees to cable providers, the same people who provide poor customer service for your modem?

That could happen. Unless we do something about it.

The FCC is currently evaluating speed lanes on the internet. The comment period is coming to a close. On September 10th, you can voice your support for Net Neutrality by loading these tools onto your website, your Facebook page, even your personal icon. They’re a reminder that you believe in the free and open Internet, with no arbitrary fees or slow lanes for sites that can’t pay.

Don’t worry, none of the tools will affect load speeds. They’re only a reminder of what could happen if we don’t take action.

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality.

via AVC

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