Apple Fanboy To The Rescue

Yesterday, while everyone was in an uproar about iCloud, I was also experiencing my own difficulties with an Apple product. My beloved iPad mini suffered a hairline fracture on its screen. Yes, apparently those sorts of things happen. It was the first time I’ve ever experienced a damaged screen.

I thought I was in for a $250 repair, which I begrudgingly decided I should make even though there are new iPads and iPhones on the way. Otherwise, I’d have a lesser trade-in value when the new machines are released imminently. I quickly scheduled an appointment at local Apple store, grabbing the earliest spot I could get in the afternoon. 

I arrived 15 minutes early. I checked in, and was escorted to a table. When I was settled, an Apple Genius immediately came to see me. In other words, he was 15 minutes early for my appointment, too.

Next, he looked at the machine, and recognized the hairline fracture. Turns out it was my lucky day. He told me Apple replaces machines with hairline fractures on their screens. I was entitled to a new iPad mini. All we had to do was make sure my data was backed up to iCloud, sign out the new machine, and go home and reconnect it.

The entire appointment took 20 minutes. My new machine was up and running by 3:30!

All to say, yes, a data breach is a horrible thing. And, in my opinion, Apple is doing an amazing job of crisis control right before the launch of a new product. Anyone who makes any more of this, let me remind you of a few things:

  • Software as a service is a difficult business to master
  • It’s still not as difficult as customer service
  • Apple has a better fully integrated hardware, software, and customer experience than anyone in the business
  • Quit predicting it’s demise because it’s having difficulty adjusting to cloud based architecture. Everyone is.
  • Let’s move on!

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