Bryan Fuhr Recommends Studs Terkel

If you love secretly love radio but are ashamed to admit it…

If you love oral history, or what we now call storytelling…

If you love your job, or if you’re at your desk today wishing you could find the energy and purpose to love your job…

Then…this is for you.

Studs Terkel was an NPR interviewer before that meant anything. His subjects and his style defined how we talked about our lives, our accomplishments, our realities well before memoirs became a genre, well before reality shows depicted everything in too much detail, and way before social media made everyone a biographer. It might surprise you to learn that I actually wrote my Cornell application essay about him. His stories about work inspired me in their honest depiction of why people become who they become, how work shapes them, and how they shape their contributions.

These stories have been available in print for 40 years, but the raw material that inspired them has never been released. It makes for fascinating listening. You’ll hear voices that have long since disappeared, yet whose ambitions and desires sound real and very current.

Here’s the link again:


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