Generosity Is A Renewable Resource

My birthday is still several days away. Still, I thought I’d take a moment to note how successful the charity:water campaign has been. We’ve raised $1,240 through the generosity of 21 donors. Over 40 people will benefit with the gift of clean water. Thank you for the support. I’m really proud of everyone.

I’m also excited about some of the things I’ve discovered through the campaign. I want to take a couple of moments to note them. The first is all the amazing personal projects my friends have underway. They span the world from the Ivory Coast to Kunkletown, PA. They range from skills training to genetic research. It’s quite inspiring to see what giving really means to each of us. I feel like I’ve learned something new about my friends.

The second is a lesson about the human capacity to give. We live in a world that moves at a fast pace, with staccato signals connecting us to one another, and few moments for ourselves. Yet, it was really easy to get support for charity:water with just the right message, and a few taps on a screen. Generosity really is an infinite resource.

These lessons make me feel optimistic about the year ahead. What a great birthday gift! Thank you.

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